Hundreds Without Power After Storms Roll Through Burke County

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. – There’s no word how long it will take crews to restore power in Burke County. Hundreds of people in Morganton and surrounding areas are still in the dark. Neighbors there saw some of the most significant storm damage in our area on Sunday.

“This huge gust of wind came, and it was a big gust, and it just simply got the tree and here it came down,” explains Richard Greene.

His RV took the brunt of the damage when a giant tree came crashing down in the Emory Wood community. He says power had already been out for an hour and the sun was coming out when it suddenly got dark again.

“We were sitting in there playing cards, in fact, trying to pass the time until the power came back on and then when this came down, needless to say, it won’t be back on for a few days now,” Greene says.

It was a similar scene in Drexel.

“I was relaxing just reading stories on my phone and then we hear a big Pop! Bang! And my dog starts going crazy,” one neighbor says.

Neighbors went outside to find a tree pulled down power lines at the end of Brandon Road.

In Morganton, a power line snapped and more trees came down along Highway 70. Traffic lights there are out and local shopping centers shut down early.

Back at Greene’s house, he’s just glad it wasn’t any worse.

“There’s big trees all around and you know they could be in your house or anywhere else, so when you really consider everything, you’re pretty lucky,” Greene says.