Dan Bishop and Dan McCready Hold Dueling News Conferences

CHARLOTTE, NC – The race is on. A day after winning the Republican primary in the 9th congressional district re-do, Dan Bishop took his campaign to Dan McCready’s front door. Bishop, a seasoned politician, taunted the former Marine outside his campaign headquarters in SouthPark.

“Wrong Dan won’t stand up for you,” said Bishop.

He hammered Dan McCready on Wednesday for being vague about the issues, saying a cardboard cut out that he brought to the event would give “as many answers as McCready himself.”

“I’m the right, Dan,” continued Bishop, “I’m clear where I stand on the issues.”

Bishop, who is aligning himself with President Trump challenged McCready to be upfront on the issues. Saying voters need to know what they’re getting from their next representative.

The stunt happened outside McCready’s SouthPark office, 30 minutes before the Democrat spoke to reporters.

“His agenda is quite possibly the worst thing that North Carolina has ever seen,” said McCready.

The former Marine slammed Bishop on his record, saying he cost the state billions of dollars and thousands of jobs because of HB2. The controversial bathroom bill was authored by Bishop. On Wednesday, he tried to turn the page on that point.

“I think voters are tired of hearing about it. We’ve got a lot of new issues in this campaign,” said Bishop.

Bishop says he’ll focus on “immigration, tax rates and socialists,” during the campaign.

McCready is entering his 24th month of campaigning for the 9th District seat. The state board of elections called for a new election in February, after allegations of election fraud in the 2018 race.

“We deserve a whole heck of a lot better than what we’ve been getting out of Washington, and that’s why I’m still in this race,” said McCready.

McCready has spent the last four months fundraising. Bishop, who used $250,000 of his own money in the primary says he’ll be well funded and ready for a fight.

“We will have the resources we need to get our message out and that’s the only thing that is important,” said Bishop.

The general election is set for September 10th.