NASCAR All-Star Weekend Begins in Concord

CONCORD, NC – Two weeks of racing began in Concord on Thursday night. There was music, festivals, and a parade of trucks through the center of downtown. The NASCAR All-Star race is this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“Everybody is a neighbor and a friend,” said racing fan Victoria Hill.

“The people in this campground is so open arms,” said Harry Wiley.

He’s attended the All-Star Race for the last three decades.

“It’s big time racing then, and it’s still big time racing,” said Wiley.

Charlotte has hosted the All-Star Race nearly every year since it began. Many drivers like Austin Dillon call this speedway, their home track.

“I really enjoy it here in Charlotte. This is one of the homes of NASCAR,” said Dillon.

But is it time to take the show on the road? Other sports like baseball and basketball host their All-Star events in different cities each year.

In 2017, driver Kyle Larson said he would be in favor of an All-Star race venue change.

“It’s great the way it is. I think we always want to improve it,” said Marcus Smith, the president of Speedway Motorsports.

Speedway Motorsports owns the Charlotte track and seven others.

Smith says race week generates nearly $300 million dollars in economic impact for the Charlotte region. But he says he’s open to the idea of moving the All-Star race to other venues in the future.

“As we look at the schedule for 2021, we’ll certainly take a look at those options and see what happens,” said Smith.

The potential of a move would mean a lot to fans and drivers alike.

“I would love it to stay here,” said Dillon.