Union County Maintenance Worker In Cardiac Arrest Saved By SRO And School Staff

UNION COUNTY, N.C. (News Release) — Just after 1:00 pm on April 9, 2019, Forest Hills High School Resource Officer (SRO) Tex Huffman was responding to a matter in the school office when he observed a man lying on the ground in the school lobby. Huffman, in his fourth year of service as a deputy with the Union County Sheriff’s Office, assessed the situation and quickly realized the man, Donald Goodman, was not breathing and had no pulse.

Deputy Huffman notified Union County Communications and immediately began chest compressions. Forest Hills High Receptionist Amy Nance alerted the school nurse, Tina Medlin. Medlin obtained the AED from the school office and responded to the lobby.

After applying the AED pads, one shock was delivered. Within 3 minutes, Union County EMS, Wingate Police and first responders from the Wingate Fire Department arrived.

Chest compressions continued until Goodman’s pulse returned. EMS initially transported Goodman to Atrium Health-Union but later transferred him to Atrium Health—Pineville. According to Goodman’s wife, Karen, Goodman was in cardiac arrest when he was found and had a 90% blockage. After 4 days in the hospital, another stent due to the blockage along with a change in diet, Goodman is back at work. He, along with his family, wanted to express appreciation to everyone who helped save his life.

This afternoon, Wingate Fire Chief Travis Stegall, along with Goodman’s family formally recognized and thanked Deputy Sheriff Huffman, Ms. Nance, Nurse Medlin as well as Wingate Police Officer Saverio Montecalvo for their life saving efforts on April 9.

Goodman stated, “Thank the Good Lord for them. If they had not been there, I wouldn’t be here.” Chief Stegall presented each of them with certificates of recognition for helping save a life.
Goodman’s wife, Karen, embroidered special key chains for each of the honorees that reads, “I SAVED A LIFE.” Goodman’s son-in-law, Adam Baker, also a firefighter with Wingate, presented the keychains to each person.

Goodman’s family said they are true believers in CPR and realize the importance of learning this basic lifesaving skill. Goodman’s daughter, Crystal, said she wants to bring CPR training to her work and encourages others to learn how to perform it.