Devastation After Widespread Flooding

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Christian Maddox was stunned when he walked into his house at Riverside Drive and Lake Drive. He hasn’t been there since Sunday afternoon when the water levels on the Catawba River in Northwest Charlotte started rising.

Maddox wasn’t expecting to walk into total devastation.

“We have a brand new baby, we have to take care of him and all this,” says Maddox.

Not far from Maddox’s house on Riverside Drive cars and homes underwater, debris floating around.

Dozens are displaced and 36 people had to be rescued. Including an 87 and 89-year-old couple Monday morning. They have medical issues and were scared they might lose power.

Flooding was widespread Monday. In Catawba, Tracey Sheets’ property on Buck Point Road was disheveled and flooded. He says at one point the water was eight feet high. He’s seen this type of flooding before.

“It’s sort of like you come down here and enjoy this place, seems like every for five years you have to start right back over,” says Sheets.

The Catawba River Access point in Fort Mill was closed but didn’t stop people from trying to see if for themselves. The Pump House parking lot in Fort Mill was filled with water.