What You Will Pay More For In Charlotte By July

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte City Council quickly and unanimously passed the FY 2020 budget Monday evening.

It’s a $2.6 billion budget. Two things everyone will pay more for: solid waste and water/sewer.

Most people will pay $1 a month more for solid waste and $2.21 cents a month for water and sewer.

That’s a total of $38.52 cents more a year.

People were bracing to find out how much they will pay in real estate taxes because property values skyrocketed in our city.

“Because the value of the property increased, the council decided to lower the rate so it would be a revenue neutral rate,” said City Manager Marcus Jones.

So, the tax rate lowered to 34.81 cents per $100 in property value. So, the city won’t be making more off property taxes. How much you owe depends on how much your house is worth.

The FY 2020 Budget includes actionable items that address five themes. These include:

Well-Managed Government

  • Adopting a budget that aligns with City Council priorities, including neighborhood development, transportation and planning, and economic development
  • Remaining structurally balanced with a $2.6 billion budget
  • No property tax increase for the fiscal year, with a revenue-neutral rate of 34.81 cents per $100 assessed valuation

Recognition of Team Charlotte

  • Providing a minimum pay increase of $2,080, or $1 per hour, for all general employees earning less than $69,333 per year and who have a positive performance review to help address upward mobility in the organization
  • Providing a 3 percent combined pay increase for general employees earning more than $69,333 and who have a positive performance review
  • Providing a 1.5 percent market adjustment and a step for public safety pay plan employees
  • No increase in 2020 health insurance premiums for City of Charlotte employees
  • Addressing police department pay inequities through a 5 percent pay increase for all sergeants and a 5 percent pay increase in top pay for police officers through the Senior Police Officer Program
  • Rewarding firefighters through a 2.5 pay percent increase for all fire captains and topstep engineers, and an increase in the city’s Firefighter 401k contribution by 1 percent in January

Investments in Our Neighborhoods

  • Promoting the creation and preservation of affordable housing by doubling the 2020 affordable housing bond allocation from $25 million to $50 million
  • $7 million to be used primarily for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH)
  • Investing $1.8 million in Charlotte’s Eastside and Westside neighborhoods
  • $4.2 billion in capital investment over the next five years for aviation, transit, water and stormwater projects
  • Keeping Charlotte clean with a $1 per month increase in the Solid Waste Services fee, which will add two new crews and two new trucks to address demand, and prepare our city for the future of waste collection and disposal
  • Accelerating training for police officers, with an additional $2 million to provide multidisciplinary training
  • Preserving our natural environment with the implementation of the Strategic Energy Action Plan

Enhanced Opportunity for All

  • Establishing the Office of Equity, Mobility, and Immigrant Integration, which will leverage existing resources to enhance access to government services and economic opportunity
  • Increasing funding for the microgrant program from $100,000 to $500,000, creating more opportunities for innovative ideas that will transform the community
  • Investing an additional $300,000 in Project PIECE 2.0, a program designed to provide training and job placement which will result in increased upward mobility
  • Providing $1.5 million combined over two years to the Aging in Place Program, which helps seniors stay in their homes
  • Fostering innovation with $2.1 million in economic development initiatives focusing on small and minority-owned businesses, as well as new business creation, innovation and entrepreneurship

Enhanced Mobility, Accessibility and Connectivity

  • Working together with residents to create livable, unique spaces for Charlotte’s residents with an additional $250,000 to the Placemaking Program
  • Investing $550,000 for Comprehensive Plan engagement and implementation, which will help shape Charlotte’s future for decades to come
  • Fully funding the planned and designed segments of the Cross Charlotte Trail