Abortion Debate Creates City Council Meeting For The Record Books

CHARLOTTE, NC — “Women of the working class, we won’t stand to be harassed!” An abortion debate Monday night created a council meeting for the record books.

Before the meeting could even start— a group shut it down… took over and ran council off.

Protestors chanted, “We won’t stand to be harassed.”

CMPD handcuffed two while the others walked off – then council came back.

Mayor Vi Lyles said, “That’s my first experience at this but what we were looking at is the safety of the people around this dais.”

You have two sides going head to head… over how loud protesters can get outside women’s health clinic in east Charlotte that performs abortions.

We’ve been there when hundreds march the streets at times.

Anti-abortion activists say it’s free speech. “It is about love and peace and just offering hope and options for women.”

But doctors, nurses, and neighboring businesses say— you’re too loud, too scary.

Jodee Collins, a South Park resident, says, “Businesses are losing business people aren’t able to get to other medical appointments because they’re being harassed in their cars.”

The proposal is to change the noise ordinance to:

  • Create noise buffers within 200 feet of medical facilities, schools and houses of worship during service hours if they post a warning sign
  • Add a decibel measurement of sound
  • Create a penalty schedule, which will increase penalties and establish a late fee.

They’re going to have to make some decisions with what they’re gong to do with this.

More information on the City’s noise ordinance can be found HERE.

CMPD has confirmed they actually arrested three and charged them with disruption of official meetings. Get more information on that story by clicking HERE.