West Charlotte Water Main Break Could Cause Traffic Trouble for Several Days

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Traffic trouble could continue for several more days near a busy West Charlotte intersection.

Outbound Freedom Drive remains closed near Morehead Street as crews work to repair a large water main break.

“Lots of people turning around, getting lost,” says West Charlotte resident Thomas Williamson.

Traffic built up in front of his home as drivers detoured around Freedom Drive on Monday afternoon.

“You know, people not really used to navigating through Wesley Heights,” Williamson says.

Crews are racing to repair the 20-inch water main that broke Sunday afternoon.

“Road lifted up seemed like a good five feet and then just broke apart,” explains Matt Edwards.

He witnessed the sudden rush of water from Pinky’s Westside Grill, where he works.

“Road splits open. Water just starts rushing. It was like an actual wave across the median there. Starts rushing towards the patios,” Edwards says.

Charlotte Water says it could take several days for crews to repair the water main and then repave the road.

To get around the work, drivers can take Morehead Street to Wilkinson Boulevard and then Ashley Road back to Freedom Drive.

Another issue with all the construction going on is the noise. Neighbors living at an apartment complex next door say they’re having trouble sleeping at night.

Charlotte Water says in the meantime people in the area may have low water pressure. Anyone with discolored water should flush their taps for 15 minutes.