Sandwich Shop Employee Left Bloodied After Customer Punched Her

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Bloodied, with a busted lip and chipped teeth. Haven Neal says a man punched her in the face at the Subway where she works on University City Boulevard.

“I have a laceration inside of my mouth. I needed two stitches,” says Neal

The 20-year-old says a man came in to buy a sandwich around 10:30 am Saturday.

“He was off. Not like in an aggressive way though.”

The store manager tells WCCB the man was trying to flirt with Neal, who did not flirt back. When he went to pay, Neal scanned his cash.

“He was like, oh you think my money is fake. I didn’t answer. Like a few people say that, they get upset when I scan the money. It’s just policy.”

Neal says the customer spat on the counter and walked out. She started to clean the counter and didn’t notice him come back in.

“As I was spraying it, I was looking down and spraying it. All of a sudden I was just on the floor.”

The man ran out and the manager called 911. She locked the door to make sure he wouldn’t come back again.

“I wasn’t really sure what had happened to me. Then I just looked down at my hand, and there was a pool of blood in my hand.”

There is surveillance video, but the owner of the store says it’s company policy to only release video to the police.

CMPD says there have been no arrests.