Two People Charged in Steak N Shake Robbery and Murder

CHARLOTTE, NC -Two people are now in jail, charged with the murder of a restaurant cook in South Charlotte.

“The last few days. I don’t have my brother anymore,” said Brandon Ruffin.

He’s the younger brother of Darnell Harris. While holding back tears, Ruffin praised his “sidekick” as being a hard worker and friendly person.

“I said please don’t let it be my brother been the one. Because I know who he is,” said Ruffin.

“He is more than a number. He’s more than a number,” said Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney.

Police say Eddie Doh, a convicted felon, shot and killed Harris while he protected coworkers during a robbery at the Steak N Shake on South Blvd.

A customer also got shot and is expected to survive. Pineville police shot the suspect. He’s also expected to be okay.

“We know he’s in a better place, off an act that shouldn’t even have been caused,” said Ruffin.

Police also arrested Kiara Murphy on Thursday. They say she helped plan the robbery and dropped Doh off at the restaurant.

Police say the dangerous duo is also charged with carrying out another criminal plan last week. According to reports, Doh and Murphy are suspected of robbing East Coast Wings in Northlake. The report says Doh held an employee at gunpoint and stole her car.

The manager of East Coast Wings issued a statement saying they’re offering support to their employees and that they “hate the employees, patrons, and community has to deal with this type of violence and hope it doesn’t happen again.”

As police pick through evidence, friends of Harris encourage everyone to come together.

“We can’t save ourselves anymore,” said Harris’ friend Anthony Townsend, “we have to save your neighbor. Save your friend.”