Vigil Held for Steak ‘N Shake Cook Killed in Robbery

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There’s a growing memorial outside a restaurant in South Charlotte.

People are remembering a cook, shot and killed protecting co-workers during a robbery.

A small group linked arms outside Steak ‘n Shake on South Boulevard to pray for Darnell Harris.

Eddie Doh is accused of killing Harris and injuring a customer.

State records show Doh got out of prison in January for his role in the 2011 robbery and murder of a 17-year-old girl in Southwest Mecklenburg County.

“Here’s a young man who just done 10 years in prison. Obviously our prison system failed him,” says community activist and former inmate Gemini Boyd.

Boyd says more resources are needed to rehab inmates.

“He came home with the mindset of nothing to lose because he had nowhere to go,” Boyd says.

Some say judges and the court system share in the blame.

Marcus Philemon is founder of Charmeck Court Watch.

“This policy of leniency is going to cost all of us in the long run,” Philemon says.

In the 2011 case, prosecutors originally charged Doh with Robbery and First Degree Murder, but he pled down to Accessory After the Fact.

Courthouse files from the 2011 case show Doh was likely offered a plea deal because there wasn’t enough evident to tie him to the murder scene.

But his lengthy record also shows time served for Assault on a Female, Fraud, and Attempted Robbery.

“I mean the only way to describe him is a piece of crap,” says Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari.

Bokhari says repeat offenders is one reason Charlotte is seeing so many murders this year.

“We need to do all the things that we can do to fix all the choke points in the system, that’s allowing people like Darnell Harris to have to suffer for the ultimate sacrifice that he suffered this week,” Bokhai says.