Neighbors Vent About Flood Damage at Meeting with Duke Energy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Neighbors in Northwest Charlotte came face-to-face with Duke Energy employees, to talk about the flood that damaged more than 100 homes last month.

Duke Energy invited neighbors to the meeting on Sunday afternoon.

“I don’t think anybody got out of here happy because we all wanted Duke to take responsibility, and that did not happen,” says neighbor Sabrina Hilario.

Hilario left disappointed after the meeting. She came close to tears standing in front of Duke Energy reps describing the damage to her property and her neighbors’ property.

Duke is facing criticism about how it managed lake levels before heavy rain last month. The company released water from Lake Norman, which flooded Mountain Island Lake.

Some neighbors say the company should have done more to prepare before this storm or warn them before the water levels rose along the Catawba River.

Duke Energy defended its decisions again at the meeting

“This was still a historic storm that came very quickly with double the forecasted rain amounts,” said Michael Brissie, with Duke Energy.

Duke says more than 11 inches fell at Lake Hickory between June 7th and June 9th. The company says that’s the most ever recorded in a 48-hour period, calling this a 500-year storm.

“I believe we operated well within our license and within our abilities to control the flow,” Brissie says.