Possible Changes to York Co. Animal Ordinance Would Not Allow Permanent Dog Tethering

YORK, S.C. – Permanent dog tethering would not be allowed under proposed changes to York County’s animal ordinance.

Controversy erupted recently after a council member claimed he found a mistake in the original ordinance.

Right now, the law says you can’t tie up your dog and leave it. But council member “Bump” Roddey says that’s not what council intended to pass in 2012.

Roddey says what council voted in favor of back then was to allow permanent tethering of dogs, with no supervision, as long as the dogs were also behind a fence.

But the animal ordinance as it stands today permits only temporary tethering under certain circumstances and does not include the word “fence.”

Roddey has said York County should apologize for not making sure the language discussed in 2012 made it into the ordinance. He apologized for the county at Monday night’s meeting.

He also said he won’t push for permanent tethering now, because he knows it wouldn’t pass.

“It wouldn’t go through. And I’m saying it wouldn’t go through, not because someone up here wouldn’t support it. I think they wouldn’t support it because of the political pressures,” Roddey said during the meeting.