How Does CMS Move Forward with Another Change in Leadership?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A day after the school board suspended Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox, there are questions about how the district moves forward after another disruption in leadership. The district has had five superintendents in 10 years.

They include Clayton Wilcox, Ann Clark, Heath Morrison, Hugh Hattabaugh, and Peter Gorman.

“It concerns me because every new superintendent has to come in and get acquainted with the organization, come up with strategies to approach it and by the time some strategies may or may not be developed, it’s time for a new one,” says former school board candidate Queen Thompson.

Former Superintendent Ann Clark spent more than 30 years with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, but for the most part the CMS board has looked at candidates from outside the district.”

In the same 10-year period, Wake County Schools in Raleigh has had three superintendents. The most recent, Cathy Moore, took over in 2018 and has worked for the district since 1988.

Sources tell WCCB Charlotte Dr. Wilcox’s suspension is partially related to a failure to comply with board policy on fingerprinting new employees.

The district changed background check vendors last year to a company that doesn’t do fingerprinting.