CMS Acting Superintendent Promises to Serve with Integrity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The acting Superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is promising to lead with integrity. Earnest Winston addressed the community at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

There was a blank name plate where Dr. Clayton Wilcox used to sit around the dais. This was the first regularly scheduled board meeting for the district’s acting Superintendent.

Tuesday night, Winston thanked the community, promising he will lead with integrity.

Outgoing Superintendent Dr. Wilcox is set to resign August 2nd. Sources tell WCCB Charlotte his departure is partially related to ending fingerprinting of new employees and other compliance issues.

Winston, the former ombudsman for the district and a former teacher and newspaper reporter, says his focus is on providing steady leadership.

“CMS is open for business. We continue to move forward, uninterrupted. And we’re working day and night. We’ve got an extremely talented and hard working team that is preparing for opening of schools on August 26th,” Winston said after the meeting.

The board has not give a timeline for hiring a permanent Superintendent. Asked tonight if he’d be interested in the role, Winston gave a vague answer, saying he loves the district and stands ready to serve at the pleasure of the board.