Fireworks Set Off On Front Porches In A Charlotte Neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Fireworks being set off on front porches in a Charlotte neighborhood.  Security camera video shows teenagers pulling the prank.

Loud bangs, sparks and smoke. It’s not gunshots. It’s fireworks being throw at Brandon Lewis’ door step.

“It could have caused a fire,” says Lewis.

Lewis’ doorbell camera shows a teen knock on his door on Pegram Street in the Belmont neighborhood around 11:30 pm on Saturday.  The teen runs back near Lewis’ driveway. He then lights up a firework and chucks it at Lewis’ house. Three teens sprint away. Lewis got worried because he had cardboard boxes on his porch.

“They ran away and didn’t look back. So if it would’ve caught on fire nobody would have known right away.”

He also worried about his two dogs.

“They’re the ones in the house. I had just gotten home, so if I wasn’t home at the time when they did it and it caught fire, they’re in there.”

Lewis says that one his neighbors did call the police and he thinks that the teenagers hit multiple homes.

Police say if anyone got hurt, or the fireworks caused damage, the teens could be arrested.