Calls for Change After UNC Charlotte Student Dies on University City Blvd.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Calls for change along a busy stretch of University City Blvd. That’s where a UNC Charlotte student died after being struck over the weekend.

A van hit 24-year-old Vivek Pathipati near Mallard Creek Church Road just before midnight on Friday.

Police say the graduate student from India was walking or standing in the road when it happened.

Angelical Alvis saw the accident scene.  “It was pitch black when I got there,” she says.

Alvis walks the stretch, right across the street from an off-campus apartment complex and says it can be dangerous.

“The lack of crosswalks makes it pretty scary,” she explains.

It is about half a mile between crosswalks along the stretch of University City Boulevard. That is about a seven minute walk according to Google Maps.

Tobe Holmes with University City Partners says this is the third person hit and killed in University City this year.

“I think it does point to the fact that we have roads that are over-sized for an urbanizing area. Or at least speeds that are too high,” Holmes says.

NCDOT has plants to convert the stretch of University City Boulevard where the accident happened into a “Super Street.”

That would add sidewalks but could make it more dangerous for people trying to cross outside designated areas.

“We’re an urbanizing area. And the place for major thoroughfares that are high volume, high speed, don’t really have a place here anymore like they used to in the past,” Holmes says.