No Fighting Allowed At Panthers Joint Practice With Bills

Rivera Sets Tone As Panthers Prepare To Host Bills At Training Camp

Thirteen down. Two more practices to go for the Panthers.

Training camp may be winding down, but the intensity is about to heat up in Spartanburg.

The Panthers and Bills will hit the field together as they hold two joint practices ahead of Friday’s preseason game at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Both teams hit the field in full pads, and hit each other while fighting off the Spartanburg heat. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera expects things to get somewhat chippy, but says fighting will not be tolerated.

“If anybody fights, I’ll pull them out, throw them out of practice and they’ll be disciplined,” Rivera said after Monday’s practice. “That’s the bottom line. We’re not here to fight. We’re here to learn from each other and help each other win. That’s probably the most important thing that comes out of this.”

The head coach hoping to get some quality work in against a different team. “To me, a guy fights out of frustration because he’s getting beat and he’s getting stopped. I don’t want it. I want our guys to come out and play hard football and do things the right way and learn.”

Training camp practices at Wofford College are free and open to the public.