Mom Regrets Licking Daughter’s Half-Eaten Ice Cream Cone

It’s not easy raising kids.
Now one mom is sharing a valuable lesson about just how gross children can be.

Sidney Anderson recently shared the story on Facebook.
Sidney says her young daughter handed her a half-eaten ice cream cone and she didn’t think twice about giving the ice cream a lick, but noticed her daughter looked concerned.
She asked her daughter what was wrong and the little girl said “I accidentally wiped my butt with it.”
Sidney asked her daughter, ‘How do you accidentally wipe your butt with an ice cream and why did you give it to me to eat?’
To which her daughter replied, ‘I used the wrong hand to wipe, but it was just pee mommy.’
Sidney writes: ‘I learned a hard lesson today. One I wasn’t prepared for and I feel like I’ve through trauma.”
She ends her post with: ‘If y’all need me, I’ll be washing my mouth out with Clorox.’