Wilson’s World: Learning More About the Creative Player Foundation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson was at the Creative Player Foundation on Wilkinson Blvd this morning where he was joined by Daniel Araujo, Executive Director‎‎ of the Creative Player Foundation to talk about the importance of the foundation and it’s mission.

The Creative Player Foundation provides access to sport education and educational enrichment opportunities, removing the socioeconomic and cultural barriers that prevent children in at-risk urban communities from participating due to cost. Creative Player Sports Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization.

The kids participate in an after school program which provides not only soccer instruction, but tutoring as well.  The kids are provided with healthy snacks and receive homework assistance and study time as well as participating in soccer instruction and games.  The program also allows the kids to enjoy cultural activities such as field trips to Imaginon, Children’s Theater of Charlotte, and the CharMeck Library.  They also have special guest speakers that lead discussions about important topics such as nutrition, online safety, and life skills.

Learn more about the Creative Player Foundation, finding out how your child can participate or even learning how  you can volunteer at their website creativeplayerfoundation.org.  The foundation is not only in need of volunteers, but also basic school supplies as well as table and chairs.

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