Wilson’s World: It’s Back to School for the Students at Mount Gallant Elementary in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Wilson was at Mount Gallant Elementary School as the kids were arriving for their 3rd day of school.  Wilson found out more about today being the school’s “independence day” and about how the students who are on the school safety patrol get prepared for the new school year.

Wilson had a lot of fun with the kids and one young lady in particular.  Hannah Bass, a 4th grader  was running for student council and one of her requirements for her nomination was a project that would make an impact on her school.  Hannah decided that she wanted to obtain a large rock for the school’s yard for parents and students to paint on.  She had a hard time finding one, so she decided to reach out to Wilson for help.  She wrote a letter to Wilson asking him if he could help her.  And since Wilson loves a good surprise he teamed up with Site One Landscape Supply and Racing Electronics and presented Hannah and the school their own large graffiti rock.  Those kids were excited when Site One pulled in with the rock!

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