DA Sits Down For An Interview After Bombshell Decision

CHARLOTTE, NC. — District Attorney Spencer Merriweather sitting down for a one-on-one interview for the first time since his bombshell decision. CMPD will no longer investigate itself after an officer-involved shooting that is deadly or causes serious injuries. Instead, the State Bureau of Investigation will be brought in.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich asked why he made this decision now, instead of right when he took office.

“Well, it’s something I actually looked at from the time I actually took office. There are many things to look at,” says DA Merriweather.

The DA says he needed to figure out the logistics of how an SBI investigation would operate.

“How it is that we are able to locate and talk to a witness, where they will actually be.”

Tuesday, Merriweather explained what an independent investigation would look like to the Citizens Review Board.

“It’s something that we’ve been hearing in the community consistently every time there’s been a fatal police shooting,” says Vice-Chair of the CRB Tonya Jameson.

The Fraternal Order of Police told WCCB it has mixed emotions about the plan. The group hopes the SBI has the resources to do the investigation.

“I’m a state officer, in this role as District Attorney. If I’m lacking resources to do my job, it’s my job to get it and make sure we do have the resources to carry on our own state function,” says Merriweather.

DA Merriweather says he’ll be working with CMPD and the SBI over the next couple of weeks to iron out what protocols need to be put in place.