People Are Turning To Psychics As A Form Of Self-Care

More people are turning to psychics as a form of self-care.
An article in the New York Times recently proclaimed that psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches.
In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow’s health empire ‘Goop’ featured talks by several psychics at its annual wellness summit in New York back in March.
Goop says it selected mediums who are ‘less interested in party tricks’ and more ‘focused on teaching people how to trust their guts and lean into their intuition.’

Many call themselves ‘intuitive healers’ and they say they can channel energy to help others discover what they want out of life.
Social media-savvy psychics like Alex Saar are now using Instagram and Facebook to reach people looking for guidance..
Alex says she is able to give readings online and can make a connection, even when the person she’s talking to is on the other side of the world.