Wilson’s World: Checking Out One of ArtPop Street Gallery’s Latest Billboards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson is once again stopping on the side of the road to show us some of the latest art work that is being displayed on billboards around Charlotte as part of #ArtPopCLT.

Thanks to billboards from Adams Outdoor Advertising, the ArtPop Street Gallery brings art outdoors where artists can showcase their craft to thousands of people each day and turn roads, highways and thoroughfares into opportunities for artistic appreciation and discovery. Wilson was joined by some of the artists who have their artwork displayed on the 20 billboards across the Charlotte area.

Wendy Hickey, Executive Director of Art Pop Street Gallery and Gale Bonnell of Adams Outdoor Advertising, talked with Wilson about the partnership of Adams with #ArtPopCLT over the years.

The ArtPop Street Gallery has artwork located on billboards, buses, newsracks throughout the Charlotte region and rotate throughout the year.

Find out more about all of these artists and how to contact each one at the ArtPop website artpopstreetgallery.com.

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