Iredell Co. Animal Shelter Vet Fired & Animal Services Director Resigns

IREDELL CO., N.C. – Animal Services Director Brad Gates has resigned from his role, effective October 1, 2019 and Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Kim Ball has been fired from her position, effective October 2, 2019. County Manager Beth Jones confirmed the personnel status for both Gates and Ball Thursday.

Jones sent WCCB an email saying, “I’m limited with the information I can provide regarding this issue due to it being a personnel matter. Both individuals were placed on investigatory suspension with pay on September 4, 2019, which was conducted in house. As a result of the investigation, Mr. Gates resigned on October 1, 2019 and Dr. Ball’s employment was terminated effective October 2, 2019.

Assistant County Manager Joseph Pierce has been acting Animal Services Director and we are contracting out veterinary services. The department is continuing to operate under normal conditions based on the season and shelter capacity. I want to stress that no animals have been harmed or negatively impacted leading up to or as a result of this personnel matter.”

WCCB previously reported that Gates and Ball were suspended with pay on September 4th. WCCB asked Jones why; she replied “I am not able to provide any other information due to it being a personnel issue.”

Gates had been employed by the county since 2013. Ball, since 2014.