Mom Under Fire For Zombie-Themed Photo Shoot With Kids

(Tukon, OK) An Oklahoma mom’s taste for blood and brains in a zombie-inspired photoshoot with her daughters is sparking outrage.
The gory Halloween pictures show her 10-month-old daughter chowing down on brains while covered in blood. Her oldest daughter is dressed in full-zombie makeup snarling at the camera. The mom says it was all for fun… she even used warm water and kool-aid mix to simulate the slasher scene.

However, some people don’t find it amusing. The viral post has been shared more than 200-thousand times on Facebook. Some people were quick to lash out at the mom in the comments. Several people posted saying the photos were sick, others said she should have her children taken away.
Some even went as far as to compare the photos to an abortion scene.

The mom says she understands the photos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.