Wilson’s World: Visiting the Holt School of Fine Art

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson was in South End this morning where he was learning more about the Holt School of Fine Art.  Opened in 2009 the school teaches adults, teens, and children ages 8 & UP and focuses on giving them the foundations needed to draw and paint for a lifetime.  Wilson was joined by instructors and students to talk about the school and their work.

The Holt classroom is a traditional studio environment with each student working at an easel or drawing horse and they keep their teacher to student ratio low so that each student is able to have their individual needs met.

From foundation courses to portraiture, and live model workshops the students expand their abilities and experiences.  Students also participate in art shows, community murals, and art competitions.

Current class registration is closed, but they will be holding an open house and student show on December 6th at their South End loction.

Holt School of Fine Art not only has a location in South End, but in Pineville as well.  Learn more about the school, their locations, and classes at their website holtschooloffineart.com.

Learn more about the Arts Empowerment Project at theartsempowermentproject.org.

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