Charlotte City Council To Discuss Dog Tethering Ordinance Tuesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tuesday night, Charlotte City council will discuss possible changes to the city’s dog tethering ordinance.

Animal advocates want to make it illegal to leave your dog tied up by itself.

“They have no anti-tethering ordinance, no time restriction, no nothing,” explains East Charlotte resident Holly Newton.

Newton is helping lead the renewed push to strengthen the ordinance.

“A dog that is tethered 24/7 suffers psychological effects and is at a much higher risk of being aggressive,” she says.

Newton says she got frustrated after being told nothing could be done about a dog she saw tied up in Country Club Heights.

“Its ribs were protruding, hips were protruding, it had sores all over it’s body,” Newton says.

After she spoke at City Council two weeks ago, the board added a tethering discussion to its strategy session for Tuesday night.

The current ordinance says a dog tether must be at least 10 feet long. It must have a swivel on both ends. The weight of the tether cannot be more than 10 percent of the dog’s body weight. And it must be used with a buckle-type collar or harness, no choke collars are allowed.

“If you’re hot, they’re hot. If you’re cold they’re cold,” says Plaza Midwood resident Kayla McNutt.

She was having fun with her rottweilers at Fraizer Dog Park in Uptown on Monday afternoon. She says she supports changes to the ordinance.

“We live in the city and she’s huge. So she needs somewhere to run, so I’m able to bring her to the dog park. I can’t leave her tied up in my backyard, because I don’t know, I’m not there to check on her,” McNutt says.