How to Say the Most Mispronounced Words of 2019

You’ve read the news. You’ve seen what’s trending, but do you know how to say everything properly? A lot people have been pronouncing a few choice words incorrectly all year long!

Language-learning app Babbel recruited a group of people who write captioning for television broadcasts to help come up with the most mispronounced words of the year. The words proved to be most challenging for news readers and people on TV to pronounce correctly. Ten words and names ultimately made the list.

1. Chernobyl (CHAIR-no-bull)

2. Greta Thunberg (grAY-tah tOOn-bairk)

3. Notre Dame (nOH-truh dAHm)

4. Pete Buttigieg (pEEt bUt-ij-ij)

5. Megan Rapinoe (MEH-gan ruh-PEE-noh)

6. Deter (dee-tUHR)

7. Tekashi 6ix9ine (te-kAH-shee siks naYn)

8. Rami Malek (rAH-mee mA-lik)

9. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (rE-jep tAH-yep AIR-doh-wahn)

10. Tokimeku (toh-kee-mE-koo)

Our question of the night:

Which of these words do you think you mispronounce?


This episode’s panel features:

WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson

Fox Sports Charlotte radio host and comedian QCB

Brand strategist, tech expert and entrepreneur Jenifer Daniels