Wilson’s World: Showing Us How to Help the Boys & Girls Club at Neiman Marcus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson was not only doing a little Christmas shopping at Neiman Marcus in SouthPark Mall this morning but he was helping the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club while doing it.

Neiman Marcus is currently in year two of a three-year national partnership with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of America to fund youth arts education programs to the 43 local chapters where a Neiman Marcus store is located.  They are doing this through their  Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation which focuses on funding organizations who provide youth art experiences.
Guests of Neiman Marcus in SouthPark can contribute directly to the Boys and Girls Club in Greater Charlotte at checkout both in store and online through December 31st.  You can donate at their website HERE.
And don’t forget that Neiman Marcus offers personal shopping even during this busy holiday.

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