CMPD Pulls Record Number of Guns From Charlotte Streets in January

CHARLOTTE, NC -Hundreds of guns have been pulled off of Charlotte city streets in 2020. On Wednesday, police urged gun owners to take more precautions to keep the firearms out of the hands of criminals.

“We’re talking high powered rifles. Including AK47’s and AR15s,” said Maj. Allan Rutledge with CMPD.

“These guns that are now in the hands of these criminals will likely be used in future violent criminal acts,” continued Rutledge.

CMPD says firearms are being recovered from criminals at a record pace.

So far this year, 320 guns have been pulled from Charlotte streets. Two hundred and fifty of those in January alone, which is the most in a single month since recording began.

One-third of those weapons were stolen from vehicles.

“We can’t leave guns in cars,” said Rutledge, “if you’re going to be a gun owner, part of your responsibility in owning that weapon is securing that weapon.”

Larry Hyatt owns Hyatt guns.

“Cars are just not a safe place, it’s not a vault,” said Hyatt, “crooks can break in just about as quick as you can get in them.”

He says gun owners have a responsibility to safely store their firearms and there are options to do just that.

A simple gun case comes with a connected cable and costs $25 dollars.

“You’ve got control, you’ve got the key. You’ve got the key with you when you leave the car,” said Hyatt.

CMPD doesn’t want to blame the theft victims but strongly encourages gun owners to use a lockbox.