‘Litter Gitter’ Device Helping Collect Litter In Irwin Creek At Revolution Park

Photo credit: David Flower/City of Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Litter Gitter device was installed in Irwin Creek at Revolution Park on Monday and the device collected 10 cubic feet of litter within 24 hours, according to the City of Charlotte.

The City of Charlotte announced a pilot program to collect and remove litter from waterways in the Charlotte area by using the Litter Gitter device.  The devices are described as small, stream litter collection devices used to intercept floating debris from storm water runoff, according to Gregg Watkins of the City of Charlotte.

Officials say the material collected inside the Litter Gitter at Revolution Park was removed and all recyclable materials were sorted out while the trash was properly disposed of.  The Litter Gitter devices will be cleaned weekly and after heavy rain is reported in the areas where the Litter Gitters are installed, according to officials.

According to Osprey Initiative, the company that installed the device, the recent rainfall was the main factor in why so much material moved down the creek to the Litter Gitter in such a short amount of time.