Metal Detectors Outside The Epicentre During CIAA Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   Why now? The question community advocate Leondra Garrett has after the Epicentre put up metal detectors around various entrances during CIAA weekend.

“I just felt like it was a racial issue, and the only reason that the metal detectors were brought in is because you’re going to have a city full of black and brown people this weekend,” says Garrett.

The Charlotte native says she’s never seen metal detectors at the Epicentre during any other event.

“They feel like it’s a bunch of thugs and hoodlums that will come. It’s not true. You have a lot of educated people that will be here in town, elders, HBCU’s.”

CMPD sent me seven crime reports that happened at the Epicentre during CIAA weekend last year.
Crimes include:
-theft from motor vehicle
-simple assault
-all other thefts
-all other offences

“They’ve had so many incidents to happen and they have never had an issue or never seen a problem with it so why now.”

WCCB tried to get the Epicentre’s side of the story. After multiple phone calls and voicemails, no response. The press contact listed on their website says they no longer work with the Epicentre.
CMPD’s crime map would only go back five months. According to the crime map, there have been 972 reported crimes within a half-mile of the Epicentre. Including:
-sex crimes

CMPD increased walking patrols around the Epicentre shortly after the murder of a visiting CEO in September. A stray bullet fired during a fight, hit Dispose-RX CEO John Holaday, as he walked to a meeting.

About two months later, an officer-involved shooting outside the Epicentre. Two officers were working off-duty in uniform and responded to a fight near South College Street and East Trade Street. Two people were shot. One of them, 33-year-old Treon McCoy, died.