Wilson’s World: At Cloister Honey Learning More About their Partnership with Nevins Center

Nevins Center will hold their 4th Annual Royal Chili Cook Off on Saturday, March 14th to benefit Nevins participants.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Nevins Center was created in 1959, Cloister Honey in 2010 and the two have come together to create apartnership that supports some very special people.  Wilson was at Cloister Honey this morning to find out more about this partnership.

Wilson met Rosa who works at Cloister Honey thanks to the partnership with Nevins Center.  She has been there for a year and really enjoys her job.  He also talked with Adam from Cloister who works with Rosa each day.

Nevins Center was founded by a group of parents who were determined to improve the quality of life of their developmentally disabled children as they grew into adulthood.  Over the years, Nevins Center has  grown and now helps developmentally disabled adults over the age of 16 experience the dignity and empowerment that comes from earning one’s own wage, making choices, and having an identity as a worker who performs a meaningful job and contributes to one’s family and community.

To learn more about Nevins Center and find out how you can get involved, connect with them on their website at nevinsinc.org call (704) 596-1372 or email at info@nevinsinc.org.

Cloister Honey became the brainchild of Joanne de la Rionda and Randall York in 2007. From a Christmas gift of a beehive, they have developed their hobby into a Charlotte business with their sweet product winning awards and being sold in many local retail stores and online at cloisterhoney.com. You can also find their store at 3314 Rainbow Circle in Charlotte.

Join Nevins Center and Noda Brewing Company for their 4th Annual Royal Chili Cook Off on March 14th, from 12 to 3 pm. Competitors will be serving up 10 of their best chili dishes paired with some of Charlotte’s best local beer – all to benefit Nevins participants. Receive an event t-shirt, sign up for some fabulous raffle prizes while enjoying music, great company and tons of fun. Also featured will be artwork available for purchase, created by our very own Nevins participants.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased HERE.

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