State Health Officials Call for More Coronavirus Testing; Second NC Case Confirmed

CHARLOTTE, NC – North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper confirmed the second case of Coronavirus in the state. The first is a man from Wake County who traveled to Washington last month. The newest case is a man from Chatham County who recently traveled to Italy.

Governor Cooper says the number of those infected is likely to grow.

“As testing increases, we know that the number of confirmed positives will go up,” said Cooper.

But testing supplies are running low.

“We like many states have not received the supplies to run the tests that we need,” said Dr. Mandy Cohen,  the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

She says they have about 150 tests remaining. They’ve contacted the test manufacturer and will have 500 more tests arriving next week.

“It’s clear that North Carolina and other states need more test kits form the CDC,” said Cooper.

White house officials announced Friday that more than two million tests will be shipped across the country in the coming weeks.

As testing continues. local agencies are doing what they can to be prepared.

CATS is now using bleach as part of their cleaning protocols on their nearly 400 vehicles.

At least one conference scheduled for the end of the month at the Charlotte Convention center has been cancelled.
SNAC International, described as the leading trade association for the snack industry, called off their expo scheduled for later this month.

“We’re going to make sure the city is safe for all the visitors and all the residents,” said John Lassiter, the RNC Host Committee CEO.

Lassiter and other city leaders say they’re doing what they can to be ready for any possible issues.

“We’re already reviewing plans to make sure that if something were to happen here locally that we’re going to be prepared and ready based on what all we’re seeing around the country and around the world.”