Delays Expected In Brenner Avenue Area Of Salisbury Due To COVID-19 Screenings

SALISBURY, N.C. — The Brenner Avenue area of Salisbury is expected to be affected by heavy traffic due to COVID-19 screenings at the Salisbury VA Health Care System (HCS).


The change is expected to start on Monday, March 9 since the HCS will only allow traffic through its Hedrick Street gate.

The Salisbury Police has recommended drivers travel along Jake Alexander, Innes Street and Statesville Blvd. during this period of time.

For those who live and work in this area should allow for extra travel time due to major traffic delays.

Salisbury VA visitors who might be having a medical emergency should go to an emergency room for care due to traffic delays.

For more information on Salisbury VAMC COVID-19 screenings, click HERE.