Charlotte City Councilman Larken Egleston Talks What’s Next For The Queen City And The Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Here are the latest developments on the coronavirus pandemic: 16 people in North Carolina have tested positive for coronavirus. There are two cases in Mecklenburg and one in Cabarrus, there are also cases in Forsyth, Johnston, Wake and Chatham counties and one at Camp Lejune in Onslow County. 12 people in South Carolina have tested positive. Two are in Lancaster County. The rest are in Kershaw, Spartanburg and Charleston counties. And with new cases being reported around the state, Governor Roy Cooper is making new safety recommendations. He says gatherings or events with more than 100 people should be postponed or canceled.

As we see more cases of the virus in the Carolinas, and across the country, a Seattle woman is coming forward and sharing her story of how she overcame the illness. Deborah Schneider says she was feeling fine until one day she came down with a 103 degree fever, but she didn’t have any of the other respiratory symptoms, tightness in her chest, or a cough.

That lasted for about 16 days and she endured the illness without going to the hospital. She posted her experience to Facebook because she wanted to encourage people in this time of chaos. She says, “So that other people can understand and what to potentially expect if they get infected with this and I also wanted to post it because I did have it and I survived.”

Schneider did end up seeking professional medical help and she was told that she is no longer contagious, so she has begun to resume her life.

This episode’s panel features:
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Charlotte City Councilman Larken Egleston
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