Wilson’s World: Exploring the Aisles of Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff in South End

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – If you are an artist, would like to be an artist or just love to play with paints and colors…then you need to visit Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff on Remount Road in South End.  Wilson was there this morning exploring their aisle and finding that there is more at Cheap Joe’s than supplies for the painter.

They carry furniture, storage and organization items as well as drafting and architecture supplies, presentation and display items, and items for transportation and carrying art work.  And if journaling is your love, you can find supplies for that as well.  Framing, bookbinding, bookmaking and craft supplies can be found in the aisles as well.

Cheap Joes’s Art Stuff’s main location is in Boone, N.C. with a location in Asheville as well as their location in Charlotte located at 316 Remount Road.

You can also purchase items online and find out more about Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff at their website cheapjoes.com.

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