Mecklenburg Health Officials Encourage Social Distancing Outdoors

CHARLOTTE, NC -Social distancing means cooped up and kept away. Mecklenburg County health officials are letting people know that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors.

“I’m loving this beautiful day,” said Rhonda Wingo.

The cyclist from Charlotte was social distancing under the sun.

“I’m out here almost every day rain or shine,” said Wingo.

Wingo says she is keeping her distance while getting a few miles in on her bike.

“I think its actually better than anything else we could be doing at this time,” said Wingo.

County health experts agree. They encouraged people to take advantage of the county parks and greenways, which remain open.

“It’s a great support for our mental health which is going to be important during this time with; all the restrictions that there are in our communities,” said Gibbie Harris, the Mecklenburg County Health Director.

Harris says being outside should not be discouraged.

“Being outside is good for all of us,” said Harris.

All of the county parks are open. County Manager Dena Diorio says we are not in a “shelter in place” situation at this time. But if you do go outdoors, remain separated from others.

“We encourage people to get outside, exercise, but obviously practice social distancing,” said Diorio.

As for Wingo, she plans to continue her daily bike ride, after spending mornings in an empty office.

“I sent all my employees home so I’m the only one in the office,” said Wingo.

The small business owner says all her employees are now working from home.

“But I’m keeping them safe so that’s what’s important,” said Wingo.