Local Distillery Making Hand Sanitizer For First Responders & Health Care Providers

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Doc Porter’s in lower South End is a cozy local distillery known for craft spirits. No longer able to give tours and open the tasting room because of coronavirus, founder Andrew Porter saw an opportunity to help.

“When we saw there was a gap in the supply of hand sanitizers and sanitation products in general, at first we thought maybe we make a sanitation spray. Then we realized the need for hand sanitizer was much deeper than we thought,” says Porter.

He says 170 companies and corporations have reached out.

“The main people we want to make sure we are hitting first are the first responders in the healthcare providers. People who really need to be out there interacting with people.”

Doc Porter’s is giving it to them for free. Not making any money off the production, Porter says Lowe’s Home Improvement offered to cover the production costs. They hope to make 25 gallons of hand sanitizer this week.

“We just want to make sure that everybody is taken care of and then everybody is being safe.”

At least two other distilleries in North Carolina are doing the same thing. Durham Distillery in Durham and Broad Branch Distillery in Winston-Salem.

Porter says all distilleries should consider getting involved.