A Charlotte Woman’s Step-Brother, Believed To Have Coronavirus, Can’t Get Treatment Abroad

CHARLOTTE, NC. — All Ben Perkins wants to do is hug his family.

“There’s that comfort that only family can really give to you. You know you’ve known each other all your life. It’s that warm feeling you can have you know how to say I love you been able to see them,” says Perkins.

Perkins is stuck in Bogota, Columbia where he teaches English. A few weeks ago he started feeling sick after he went to a party. All the symptoms of coronaries: the fever, tired and cough.

“The breathing problem was so bad. Like nothing I’ve ever had before.”

Because of the lack of testing, Perkins says he can’t get tested in Bogota. He’s 100% sure he has the virus. Doctors told him to be tested he needed to be a priority.

Telling him:”If you can still breathe you’re not a priority to us.”

The teacher is self- quarantining and can’t come home to the states. His step-sister, Jacqueline Wright, is a student at UNC Charlotte.

“It was just very surprising to be one of those people right off the bat. To know somebody in my own family that has it,” says Wright.

Wright says her family is worried, but taking it one day at a time.

“To hear it come from my family that he’s not only outside of the United States but he’s in quarantine out there. Who knows what kind of medical care that he’s receiving out there. Lack of communication that we’re having. It’s kind of surprising and kind of difficult news to except.”