Rock Hill Company Making Much Needed Medical Masks

ROCK HILL, SC – There is a  dire need for protective medical equipment across the county due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of that need is being fulfilled by a manufacturing company in Rock Hill. 

On a normal day, staff at Composite Resources in Rock Hill would be manufacturing carbon fiber parts for the aerospace and defense industries.

But on Thursday, and for some time in the future, they’ll be making medical masks. 

“We put a small team on this to do the early stages of the project and now we’re ramping up production we’re gradually pulling more and more people in,” said Brady.

He is the managing partner of Composite Resources. 

Brady says the owner was looking for ways to help, and decided to put the companies brainpower to work on face masks. 

“We went out and sourced some of the same filter material that’s used in N-95 face masks. We’re putting that into our product,” said Brady.

The people at Composite Resources got moving quickly on the facemasks. In less than a week, they went from a prototype to being able to pump out 500 masks during a shift.

“We’re targeting a production rate of thousands per day. We’re getting more and more orders every day,” said Brady.

The mask they produce is one size fits all. It’s washable and reusable. 

As quickly as Composite Resources can make them, the masks are being shipped out. 

“We’ve had orders everywhere from Maine to California,” said Brady.

A local company, filling an emergency need for hospitals and medical professionals across the country. 

“It’s an opportunity to keep staff busy and keep people employed. At the same time helping people. So it’s a win-win,” said Brady.

Brady says they plan to continue producing masks as long as there is a need.