NC Stay-At-Home Order Issued as COVID-19 Cases Rise

CHARLOTTE, NC – A statewide stay-at-home order issued in North Carolina beginning Monday at 5 pm.

”We have to act now in the safest smartest way while we have the chance to save lives,” said Governor Roy Cooper.

A strict warning from Governor Cooper as many people have already been isolating at home and keeping their social distance. 

“The sounds of our lives. The school bell or the halftime buzzer. They’re gone,” said Cooper.

North Carolina is experiencing a widespread infection. The peak of which has not yet been reached.

The national guard is shipping medical supplies to state hospitals daily and they’re preparing for the possibility of hospital overflow. 

“We have 51 counties with their local emergency operation centers activated,” said Mike Sprayberry the Director of Emergency Management.

Mecklenburg County has the most cases in the state. 1 in 5 people testing positive have had to be hospitalized at some point. 

“All ages are being affected. All areas of our county,” said Dr. Gabbie Harris the Mecklenburg County Health Director.

The county is already under a stay-at-home order. 

“We know that a higher level of voluntary compliance we get, the quicker we can get through this,” said County Manager Dina Diorio.

Essential businesses are open, people are encouraged to not make unnecessary trips. Parks and golf courses are open as well, but players must ride in carts separately and not congregate in the clubhouse. 

“That will help provide the social distancing necessary but still provide people the opportunity to play golf,” said Diorio.

On the economic front, 200,000 North Carolinians have filed for unemployment. Cooper says he was hoping to see more money for states included in the federal stimulus. 

“I’ll do everything in my power to cushion the economic blow,” Said Cooper.

When it comes to enforcement of the stay at home order in Mecklenburg County; CMPD says they’ve received about 1200 complaints about people violating the order. They are investigating and have not issued any citations.