Disney Execs Give Up Their Pay As Their Parks Worldwide Remain Shut Down

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As coronavirus cases continue to soar across the nation, health professionals tout new tools to combat the spread. Experts say more testing, rapid results, and sterilization of masks will help, as the president extends social distancing guidelines for the month of April. President Donald Trump says, “Over one million Americans have now been tested.” It’s a grim milestone in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Illinois-based Abbott testing plans to roll out 50,000 tests each day starting this week, showing results in less than 15 minutes. Trump administration officials say it’s a new weapon in the battle against COVID-19. Commissioner of Food and Drugs Stephen Hahn says, “Just like flu or strep, you go to the doctor, get the test done, you can get an answer within minutes of having this test done.”

Nurses and doctors on the front line of the war against the virus are falling victim to it. Massachusetts General Hospital Chief of Infection Diseases Dr. Rochelle Walensky says, “We have about 41 people in our hospital who have tested positive for the coronavirus.” Because, they say, they don’t have enough protective gear. Emergency Room nurse Kelly Cabrera says, “We know this is incredibly contagious and we’re being exposed over and over again.”

Companies one in Alaska are making face masks and other equipment to feed the need. And now the FDA says it has a plan: sterilization machines. Trump says, “Each machine can disinfect 120,000 masks per day. It will be just like a new one. It can go up to about 20 times for each mask sophomore each mask can go through this process 20 times.”

The nation’s top infectious diseases expert says ultimately, the weapon most needed to defeat the coronavirus may be a vaccine that’s already in the works. National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “We have a vaccine that is on track and multiple other candidates.”

Executive Chairman for Disney Bob Iger is giving up his salary amid the worldwide health crisis. And the newly appointed CEO Bob Chapek will take a 50 percent pay cut. The decision comes after Disney decided to keep its parks closed until further notice. In 2019, Bob Iger’s compensation package reportedly totaled $48 million and Bob Chapek is slated to make $2.2 million this year. Disney has been paying its employees since shutting down all its parks about two weeks ago.

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