Volunteer Pilots Are Making A Difference For Those Most At Risk For Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Volunteer pilots in our area are making a difference for those most at risk for coronavirus.

John Alston is the Chairman of the Board and a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight. The non-profit organization coordinates volunteer pilots with cancer patients or other medical patients to give them flights to appointments for free.

“Especially in a situation where someone’s immune system is compromised, they certainly couldn’t travel on a commercial carrier, kind of like what’s going on now. This is a good avenue,”  says Alston.

Blanton Hamilton is a volunteer pilot who lives in Charlotte.

“When you see somebody say to you with almost, tears in their eyes, I couldn’t do this without you, or I couldn’t make this trip without you or I need to be here for my treatment because it is a life-threatening event. That really means the world to me,” says Hamilton.

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