PlayStation 5 Reveals New Controller, Facebook Wants To Help Fight Coronavirus, And A Second Story Wine Pour

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – PlayStation 5 has revealed its latest controller, and it comes with all the bells and whistles. The creators of the DualSense remote say it comes with a microphone and say players will have an increased sensation when they play with or without a headset. It’s set to be released around the holiday season.

Plus, Facebook is joining the fight against coronavirus. The social media giant says it is working with researchers to use its (read: your) data to slow the spread.

And, one set of neighbors in Portland, Oregon made the best of a new nightly routine. They started chatting during the nightly “7PM Holler” when they cheer out their windows for healthcare workers. He offered her some of his wine, which poured it from his window above and she caught it below, in her glass.