A Local Couple Found An Alternative Way To Tie The Knot After The Coronavirus Threw A Wrench In Their Plans

CHARLOTTE, NC.– It’s not exactly what the Roberts’ planned, it was better.

“It was as stress-free as perfect as it could’ve been. It’s so weird how everything just lined up perfectly,” says Colten Roberts.

Newlyweds Brittany and Colten Roberts spent months planning their wedding.  A beautiful venue overlooking the mountains at Fred W. Symmes Chapel in South Carolina, and a guest list of 80 people. The wedding date: April 5th.

As the day got closer, the couple realized coronavirus had other plans for them.

“Every single day, like something happened where we had to change it. Up until the last minute, we tried having family there but then we came to realize it’s just not going to happen,” Brittany says.

Instead of rescheduling the wedding, they made a split-second decision.

“We woke up and it was like we’re getting married on Friday. We just had to hurry up and put everything together. Call the photographer, call the officiant to see if they can come, they said yes. We just put it all together really fast.”

On April 3rd, they said their vows in Brittany’s mother’s backyard. With only five people there, including the photographer and officiant.

The couple’s perfect wedding.

“Focusing on what marriage is actually about. Marriage isn’t about the big party and the celebration, it’s about two people coming together so I just kept my focus on that.”