Edge On The Clock: Tom Brady Accidentally Trespasses In Tampa Bay

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tom Brady is really making his presence known in Tampa Bay. He was kicked out of a closed park earlier this week and now we’ve learned he accidentally trespassed in someone’s home. Brady was trying to find Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwitch’s house, but instead he mistakenly walked into a man named David Kramer’s home. When Kramer asked if he could help Brady, he just said “Am I in the wrong house? I’m so sorry,” and left.

Plus, rapper Drake meant it when he sang the popular lyrics “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.” Get this: he has a nearly $400K custom made equestrian-themed bed.

And, national treasure Tom Hanks is continuing to remind us all why we love the American actor so much. Hanks is donating his very own Corona-brand typewriter to an eight-year-old Australian fan, after the two starting writting letters to each other. The boy’s name is Corona, and he told Hanks he was being bullied by classmates.