A Genetic Testing Company Is Partnering With Local Businesses And Doctors

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A genetic testing company is partnering with dozens of local businesses and doctors. They’re trying to make the coronavirus testing process easier, so you can even do it at home. All these tests require is a sample of your saliva.

“They would just get this box. And it would be a sterile cup, very simple. They will just literally spit in this cup and send it back to us,” says National Director of Microbiology Partnerships for MicroGenDX Jamey Libby.

MicroGenDX is based in Texas. Libby says hospitals, companies, and business owners in the Charlotte area are contracted with them to do the testing.

“To create a sense of customer safety or customer comfort knowing that maybe the staff has been tested.”

Test results come back in 24 to 48 hours. The company can process 10,000 samples per day. They’ve tested about 30,000 people so far.

“Help to maybe take 1000 a day from the hospital, 2000 a day of the week would really give some of these major hospitals a good opportunity to give their staff a break or even just this platform.”

New research from Yale University shows saliva testing could be as accurate, or more than the commonly used nasal swabs.

Increased testing is essential as states start to reopen.