10 Patients To Receive Experimental COVID-19 Anti-Viral Drug ‘Remdesivir’ At Charlotte Hospital

CHARLOTTE — An experimental drug could help in the fight against Covid-19.  10 patients in Charlotte will receive the anti-viral drug Remdesivir in a clinical trial at Atrium Health.  The nation’s top medical expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci touted the effects of the drug.  He’s leading a national study of hundreds of patients treated with the drug.  The study found patients were discharged from the hospital within 11 days.

In Charlotte, Atrium Health has enough Remdesivir to treat 10 patients.  Those patients must be on a breathing machine or ventilator.  Remdesivir is an I-V drug that will be administered to patients for 10 days.  Doctors say the side effects of the drug are minimal.

“It’s wonderful to have treatment options that we can give to patients and extend them hope in order to fight and get through this Illness,” says Dr. Christopher Polk, with Atrium Health.

Atrium Health will be the first hospital in Charlotte to offer Remdesivir to patients.